Ron Blome


Network producer/Correspondent:

Name a major news event, and Ron Blome has probably worked it as a national journalist. From 9-11 duty at the pentagon for NBC News, to covering the landfall and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. From the national campaign trail, to riding in the press pool on Air Force One to covering three international summits, Ron has experienced news stories large and small. Ron’s experience as a reporter began in local radio, moved to public television, to local affiliate newsroom management, back to the field for two networks (FOX and MSNBC) and now centers on national coverage of storms for The Weather Channel. Ron has worked as a field producer for every major network morning show and has been enlisted as a “pool producer” to work on behalf of the White House Press Pool.

In addition to news projects Ron also undertakes special projects for clients as diverse as state park and conservation agencies, several publishing companies who focus on continuing teacher education, and universities and public and private agencies who seek out great story-telling to help advocate a cause.

air force one

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