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Crisis Communications Training:

Being in the news business is akin to being in the Disaster business. It’s what we do. We cover storms, wars, plane crashes, mass shootings, corporate meltdowns, and tragedies large and small. Then there are political campaigns and protests, which have their own potential to be disasters of a different sort.

While covering these big events, Ron has made a study of the interaction between the press and those at the center of the coverage. From these observations and lessons- learned Ron has developed a succinct lesson plan to teach public officials, first responder and businessmen how to properly interact when the media invasion arrives at their doorstep.

Using actual news conference clips that are woven with true tales from the field Ron imparts five key lessons in crisis/press relations strategies and messages. And each teaching session ends with a mock news conference or interview that is videotaped under realistic conditions and then reviewed with participants for instant feedback. To a person the participants say that even though they knew it was “practice” they felt it was real as soon as the lights came on and the questions started to target their place behind the podium.

While Ron puts on these training programs for many clients, his largest audience is with the Arkansas Department of Health which has employed him as a consultant to teach crisis communications to health officials and first responders across Arkansas in conjunction with a national communications curriculum developed by the Centers For Disease Control.

Ron Blome

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Ron presents crisis communication from his background working in the national media which is invaluable in explaining real life events. Our student benefit greatly from Ron’s training and have used his practical guidance in their daily work. The mock news conferences have been especially helpful in preparing our staff for media interviews.

Ann Russell
Director of Communications – Arkansas Dept. of Health

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