Ron Blome


Corporate Producing:

In addition to news projects Ron also undertakes special projects for clients as diverse as state park and conservation agencies, several publishing companies who focus on continuing teacher education, and universities and public and private agencies who seek out great story-telling to help advocate a cause.

The most recent project for Arkansas State Parks was to produce four self-contained stories for display in Video Kiosks for the new Mississippi River State Park. Another project for Arkansas State Parks which took National Awards was a documentary celebrating the Park System’s 75th anniversary.

Ron has produced continuing education series videos for Stenhouse, Benchmark and Pearson publishing companies and has produced other documentary type material for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Alltel & Verizon Wireless, Acxiom and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.


Ron Blome

When it came time to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Arkansas’s state park system, we turned to Ron Blome to produce a documentary that would serve as the heart of the year-long promotional efforts. Ron’s documentary on our history is a poignant and powerful production driven by his passion for the subject and his vision for presenting Arkansas State Park’s unique story. He gently reminds all of us why these special places were set aside and why they are important to each and every one of us today.

Greg Butts
Director – Arkansas State Parks

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